CBD for Me | One Year Along

Here I am one year along after first hearing about CBD. For me, its been an interesting and eye-opening journey. A lot can happen in one year. Especially when that year is 2020. Who would have imagined where we would be one year ago? Let’s go back to late November 2019. To the start of my relationship with CBD.


I had heard about cannabis and CBD earlier in life. Like many people, I equated them as being the same and didn’t really think much about it. Fast forward to late 2019 when I was made aware of CBD by a friend of a friend. I was looking for some extra income so was introduced to the idea of selling CBD. And so began my education of this product.

Cannabinoids are compounds found in the cannabis family of plants. The most notorious and well-known is THC which is the psychoactive component of the marijuana plant. Cannabidiol or CBD is another compound found in the cannabis family of plants. This is non psychoactive and has many reported health benefits. Marijuana plants have high THC and low CBD content. Hemp plants have high CBD content with low THC content.

What I’ve Learned

For me it’s not possible to sell something that I know nothing about. Therefor, I’ve educated myself about cannabis and CBD in particular. Here are some of my findings.

  • There are lots and lots of products out there! Not all CBD is created equal and there are different methods used to extract the CBD from the plants. It is important to know what you are buying. Because the industry is not FDA approved there is little or no regulation when it comes to the products.
  • These products, with few exceptions, have not been tested or approved by the FDA. As a result, medical claims can NOT be made regarding the efficacy of CBD products.
  • Most claims as to the efficacy of CBD products are anecdotal. There have also been animal tests that have shown promise but need further research.
  • CBD products containing less than 0.3% THC are legal under Federal law.
  • Not many clinical studies have been done for CBD products. The best known study has resulted in the only FDA approved drug to date. This is Epidiolex which is used for the treatment of certain types of epilepsy.

CBD Products

The CBD industry is booming! There are lots of companies and products available on the market. Some products are really good. Due to the lack of FDA testing and regulation, there are also lots of scams out there as well. The trick for consumers is in learning to tell the differences and find the good products.

Here are a few things to look out for when doing your research. First thing I look at is the labeling on the product. It should have information about the hemp from which it is derived eg non GMO. Also, not grown with pesticides or weedicides as these chemicals are absorbed into the plant and can affect the purity of the CBD. The label should also include how much CBD is contained in the product. As well as other ingredients and/or THC.

You can get more information from the company’s website. Reputable companies would have good websites with triple lab tested products. As well as lab reports for their individual products. You can also check the company information and reviews of their product. Some of the really good companies have a charitable presence on their websites as well.

My Experience with CBD

As said before, we cannot make any claims as to health benefits of CBD products. I can only say how it has seemed to help me personally. There are lots of anecdotal evidence presented out there. And I myself have spoken to many people who have reported amazing benefits from taking CBD. But for this I’ll report only my personal experiences.

“These products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.”

I was first introduced to CBD just over a year ago. It was something I had heard about but never paid much attention to. To be honest I equated it with Marijuana and that was the extent of my knowledge. A casual meeting with a new friend got me interested and I’ve been hooked ever since. I’d heard all the stories and done tons of research before I settled on a company and product to try.

I started off with their CBD Isolate. That is a product that is pure CBD extracted from Hemp in which there is no other cannabinoids, terpenes or THC present. I must admit that I was skeptical but thought to give it a try anyway. From doing the research I knew that each person is different and results and dosage differ individually. It could take some people up to 3 months to see any change or results. So, after talking with my doctor, I started off taking 50mg per day.

My main issues when I started were stress and anxiety which were affecting my sleep. I was waking up 3-4 times during the night and also having problems falling back to sleep after.

After just 3 days of taking the CBD I had the best night’s sleep in months, if not years. I could not believe that it worked so well. The proof was that the next night I slept great too! Now a year later, I’m still sleeping well. Generally I wake up only once or twice a night and have no problem falling back asleep. Also, find that the quality of my sleep has improved in that I wake up feeling refreshed. Because CBD is all natural and not a narcotic, there is no grogginess when I wake up. I wake up feeling alert and refreshed.

There was also a topical salve that I used for pain relief that is excellent. It’s great for soreness and stiff muscles. I’ve also used it on some dry skin patches that I had on my elbows for years. It cleared that up too. Another friend uses it for pain relief from his arthritis.


I’ve been using and experimenting with different CBD products over the past year. What I’ve learned is that it worked on making my sleep better and so helping with my stress and anxiety. It also helped with some skin conditions as well as the temporary pain relief from sore muscles or inflammation.

I’m also convinced that it is helping in other not so obvious ways. This is the first year in my life that I’ve not caught any flu. From all I’ve read and researched, CBD is supposed to work really well on promoting homeostasis in the body. This is done internally by boosting your immune system and dealing with inflammation in the body. I have no personal evidence of this but believe it to be true.

CBD has now become an integral part of my day to day life going forward. I can safely say that I’ll be using this for the rest of my life. I’ll continue to share personal experiences and if anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask or comment below.